Friday, July 8, 2011

In gratitude

Tomorrow I will start teasing you with the brides of Biloxi. But for now, here is one of my photos of my time in Mississippi.  I was wandering around Pass Christian with my camera. It was a brilliant day as you can see. I was completely alone.  All had left, for why would they have stayed with only smatterings of their previous lives left behind.  But what treasures remained intact! I looked up and saw this dalmatian statue atop what I think had been a restaurant. Against all odds, it suffered hardly a scruff, remaining steadfast and loyal to a master - somewhere.

Unconditional Love

There is indeed a topic for a lifetime!

For now, here is Rufus, my enormous bundle of such in a small body.

Maybe you can see why he is such a force behind my blog.  Aren't those such 'just do it" eyes?!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Whew! Fear, trepidation and excitement prevail at the MiniMe homestead. You may now view my blog as other than a "test".

As Rufus mentioned in yesterday's post, he helped me turn over a new leaf. If he were not at doggie day care, he would remind me that I have not yet included the mechanics of how to buy my stuff.  That will follow as he needs room to roam. And money to buy dog food.  In the meantime, if there is something that peaks your interest, just let me know!

Some of my photographs are included in my blog.  In reviewing what I might post, I looked at my post-Katrina photos.  For those who don't know, I volunteered twice with Hands On (now All Hands) after the hurricane struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Each time I took a camera and rented a car. In December I left immediately from Chicago after visiting my daughter for Christmas.  She loaned me her point and shoot camera.  Only after I returned from Biloxi did I realize that I had been shooting 72 dpi, a bit of serendipity that allowed me to create a show that felt intimate, almost voyeuristic, with small images that drew the viewer close. My aim was to make this horrific, geographically far-away event as real and unforgettable as possible.

When I returned in late January, I took my Nikon SLR.  The constant was the still unfathomable images of destruction, poignancy and even joy that I was able to capture.

I chose not to post any of these photos for now.  In looking over the hundreds that I took, I became very moved and decided that I would like to return to Biloxi to see how it is faring.  How have we done as a country in rebuilding the area, particularly for those people who bore the brunt of the storm - the Thai shrimpers and the African-American community?

There is also a theme running through many of my photos that sort of clubbed me over the head this morning. Stay tuned for the Biloxi Brides.

Monday, July 4, 2011

In-dependence Day

You are visiting Kelsey's new blog!!! Thank you and Welcome!

My name is Rufus and I moved from a really cool place with a yard to run around in, to a 464 sq foot apt with a wannabe yard that lacks a certain something - grass.  So leash me up, Kelsey.  It is time for a walk.

But no, that is not what you want to know. Before I go on to the Why I Need YOUR Help part, you do need to know that I am about the cutest apricot miniature poodle ever born. And that was in Tennessee. But that is a whole other story...

So, down to the business of this blog. It is about all the art work that needs to move out of here so that I have some room to roam. And Kelsey can create more artwork.  A dog's got to eat.

Between me and thee, Kelsey is not the best at marketing her work even though she is turning over a new leaf, which she learned from me on our walks. And from Jennifer, but that is a whole other story...

If you follow my lead, and sniff around this blog, you will see things that you can do to help solve The Plight of the Cramped Quarters. You can view Kelsey's work, email a link to this blog to a select number of friends, post a comment or subscribe to this blog so that you know the latest - whatever that may be. Who knows, but wouldn't it be fun to have another bone to gnaw on.

Or you could help move stuff out here.  Instead of DogPal, she uses PayPal.  Imagine...

I know, she hasn't made that easy - yet. But she will, as bones are my word.

For now, that is it from my place of creature comfort. Nuzzles and thanks!