Monday, July 4, 2011

In-dependence Day

You are visiting Kelsey's new blog!!! Thank you and Welcome!

My name is Rufus and I moved from a really cool place with a yard to run around in, to a 464 sq foot apt with a wannabe yard that lacks a certain something - grass.  So leash me up, Kelsey.  It is time for a walk.

But no, that is not what you want to know. Before I go on to the Why I Need YOUR Help part, you do need to know that I am about the cutest apricot miniature poodle ever born. And that was in Tennessee. But that is a whole other story...

So, down to the business of this blog. It is about all the art work that needs to move out of here so that I have some room to roam. And Kelsey can create more artwork.  A dog's got to eat.

Between me and thee, Kelsey is not the best at marketing her work even though she is turning over a new leaf, which she learned from me on our walks. And from Jennifer, but that is a whole other story...

If you follow my lead, and sniff around this blog, you will see things that you can do to help solve The Plight of the Cramped Quarters. You can view Kelsey's work, email a link to this blog to a select number of friends, post a comment or subscribe to this blog so that you know the latest - whatever that may be. Who knows, but wouldn't it be fun to have another bone to gnaw on.

Or you could help move stuff out here.  Instead of DogPal, she uses PayPal.  Imagine...

I know, she hasn't made that easy - yet. But she will, as bones are my word.

For now, that is it from my place of creature comfort. Nuzzles and thanks!


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